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You're a working man, so you've probably seen what happens when you step down on a glass bottle that's resting on concrete - it's going to break. Step on that same bottle on top of a bed, and it will sink down into the padding. Carolina Men's CA3527 Brown 6 Inch Internal Met Guard Steel Toe EH Boots used this same principle to protect your feet. If a hard object impacts the tops of your feet while your feet are on top of a hard surface...well, you'd better hope you have these Carolina boots on. 

They're built with internal polyurethane metatarsal guards that you can't see or feel. In fact, you won't know they're in place until they do their job by protecting your feet. Lightweight polyurethane absorbs impact when you wear these men's boots without weighing down the design. When objects come down on your feet (and they will), the met guards absorb that force, so your feet don't end up breaking...like glass. 

The rest of the design of these steel toe boots is stylish because safety should look good, too. The ankle-high, 6-inch design is built with copper-colored crazy horse brown leather uppers. 

Airy mesh material lines the interior of these EH boots, instead of hot fabric that traps heat. The mesh allows heat to release, so your skin won't feel sweaty and smothered all day long. The footbeds are made with lightweight EVA foam that absorbs shock to cushion you from whatever hard surface is beneath your feet while wearing these brown boots. 

Steel shanks add support. The tough steel lifts your muscles and keeps them in place, so you won't have to strain through every stride. Rubber outsoles create a durable, shock-resistant foundation for every step you take in these safety toe boots. Glued cement construction holds the soles in place with a durable, weather-resisting bond. 

The soles of these steel toe boots are rated for electrical hazards, which mean they absorb them. They actually soak up electricity so you stay safer. The slip-resistant tread keeps you safer, too. Good grip and traction keep you from making dangerous missteps. The safety toe caps are made with steel and tested to meet ASTM F2413-05 standards for protective footwear. Designed with a broad toe, these slip-resistant boots fit well to keep you comfortable.

Carolina Men's CA3527 Brown 6-Inch Internal Met Guard Steel Toe EH Boots protect and soften your feet all over because it’s a hard world out there. Stay not just safe, but also comfortable, when you put a pair of these on and go to work. 

Manufactured Sizes: D 8-12, 13, 14 | EE 8-12, 13, 14


Detailed Product Specifications





Toe Type


Met Guard

Internal Steel


Not Waterproof





Sole Material


Hooks / Eyelets




Padded Collar




Tread Pattern


Sole Construction

Cement (Flexible)

Additional Product Features

  • Slip Resistant
  • Electrical Hazard (EH)
  • Imported

Carolina Boots: Men's CA3527 Brown Steel TOE Internal Met Guard EH Work Boots

SKU: 3527
Color: Brown